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Hi, this is Kedar Sovani. I am from the city of Kolhapur and work in Pune.

I am a Computer Engineer.

I love technology. Currently I work for Marvell Semiconductors. At Marvell, I am presently leading an energetic team for realising solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. It is an exciting domain. I get to work on the end-to-end software solution for the IoT, right from the RTOS all the way upto smartphone apps and cloud communication. Before this, I have been working in the embedded Linux domain. I have also been a maintainer of Fedora-ARM.

Prior to this I was running the Offshore Development Centre for
Kernel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. At Kernel Solutions, I was working on a data security product. Along with the technical tasks, I was also involved in a lot of non-technical activities like team-building, market positioning etc. It was a wonderful experience!

Prior to Kernel Solutions, I worked with
Calsoft Pvt Ltd, for clients, Lustre and Panasas.
I have been working in *NIX Operating Systems. My work domain has more or less been networking/filesystems/embedded.

Often I am involved in assisting startups working close to my technical domain.

Lectures and Articles
I write technical articles. Often I submit news articles on Kerneltrap, you can find them here.

I love to teach. Here is my teaching profile. I conduct corporate training lectures on Operating Systems and Linux Kernel internals. If your organisation/college is interested, please get in touch with me. Recently, I worked on Video Lectures on Operating Systems which are available at Oasis Technologies.
I am one of the core members of Geeks of Pune (GEEP)

I have been passionately practicing Yoga asanas and also studying on the subject of Raja-Yoga.

Dreamz Group
And last but not at all the least, I am one of the members of the Dreamz Group. We are a family of friends and software professionals, passionate about technology and innovation. As Dreamz Group, we perform various activities, check out the website to know more.

Have a look at some of my photos:
Some of my narrations from my US experiences.

You can mail me at :
kedarsovani at ya hoo dot c o m
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