A List of my technical articles:

  1. IoT:
    1. Understanding Apple HomeKit Part I and Part II
    2. Building Secure Connected Devices Part I and Part II
  2. Linux Kernel:
    1. The likely/unlikely macros
    2. Sleeping in the Kernel – Published in the Linux Journal
    3. The Linux Journaling Block Device – Published on Kerneltrap.
    4. Journaling and the ext3 filesystem – A follow-up on The Linux Journaling Block Device.
    5. The Linux VFS Blackpaper – Linux VFS Documentation (WIP)
  3. Bitcoins:
    1. Bitcoins Simplified I
    2. Bitcoins Simplified II – The Blockchain
    3. Bitcoin: What’s the big deal?
    4. Bitcoin: A Bubble?
  4. “Exploiting Multi homing in SCTP for High Performance”, Jayesh Rane, et al. in the International Conference ADCOM 2003, Coimbotore, India, DEC 2003.
  5. Talk about Fedora-ARM at FOSS.in 2009
  6. Stack Overflow (Workshop conducted at Concepts 2005)

Some quick notes:

  1. Embedded asm in gcc