A List of my articles:

  1. IoT:
    1. Understanding Apple HomeKit Part I and Part II
    2. Building Secure Connected Devices Part I and Part II
    3. IoT: Who’s gonna maintain it?
  2. Early Career Blog: The BE Project Blog
  3. Teams, Culture, Startups
    1. The Dreamz experience
    2. On API Design and Simplicity
    3. The release rush
    4. The urge to do
    5. How often are you in the flow?
    6. The frog in hot water
    7. What is success to you?
    8. On startups books
    9. A seed of an idea
  4. Linux Kernel:
    1. The likely/unlikely macros
    2. Sleeping in the Kernel – Published in the Linux Journal
    3. The Linux Journaling Block Device – Published on Kerneltrap.
    4. Journaling and the ext3 filesystem – A follow-up on The Linux Journaling Block Device.
    5. The Linux VFS Blackpaper – Linux VFS Documentation (WIP)
  5. Bitcoins:
    1. Bitcoins Simplified I
    2. Bitcoins Simplified II – The Blockchain
    3. Bitcoin: What’s the big deal?
    4. Bitcoin: A Bubble?
  6. Patents:
    1. US9749844B1
    2. US9301325B1
    3. US10070289B1
  7. “Exploiting Multi homing in SCTP for High Performance”, Jayesh Rane, et al. in the International Conference ADCOM 2003, Coimbotore, India, DEC 2003.

Some quick notes:

  1. Embedded asm in gcc